21 ottobre 2019 | Formazione

For the breeding season 2020, The Equine Reproduction Centre De Morette is offering young veterinarians a possibility to enhance their (basic) knowledge and skills concerning equine gynaecology. ERC De Morette is an European approved AI centre for semen collection and mare insemination located nearby Brussels, Belgium. Our team exist of four veterinarians and staff. The intern will work under the supervision of and be supported by our team of veterinarians. He/she will participate actively in doing the routine gynaecological monitoring and follow up of the mares. This includes rectal palpation, ultrasound, artificial insemination (deep intra-uterine) with cooled or frozen semen and embryo transfer (management of the donor mare and embryo flushing). The intern will also assist with the semen collections and the processing of the semen for fresh, chilled or frozen semen. Furthermore, it is possible to accompany our vets doing first line equine veterinarian practice on the road. At the end of the season the intern will have enough experience to work independent in the field of equine gynaecology. We are looking for a young, enthusiastic veterinarian for helping with the high caseload during the breeding season. A good understanding of the English (or French/Dutch) language is a necessity. We can offer a studio, located at the ERC for the duration of the internship. Starting date: 1 march

Duration: 6 months

To apply for this internship, applicants should submit a letter of intent and curriculum vitae to

Equine Reproduction Center De Morette, Edingsesteenweg 239, B-1730 ASSE, Belgium. Tel : +32(0)24 53 00 61 Fax: +32(0)23 06 02 64